Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Every little thing you wanted.

Yes, Fashion is a hobby of mine, but I think I'm into it so much because I'm using it as an escape. Maybe if I wore my shades, no one would look at me or maybe if I had a killer outfit, they'd forget about how ugly I really was. I do believe that my personality is rather pleasing - I can say I'm respectful and caring and responsible, but why is it that the people or person I want to impress doesn't even notice me, while the people I have no interest in are like obsessed with my existence. This makes me think that I'm really not good enough, that I have nothing to show for myself. I really don't like bragging nor fussing about my accomplishments and yet, others do to climb the social ladder. I really don't give a fuck of where I am in the hierarchy - All I want is to be happy. Just a little bit more to what I'm used to. 

I wish I could be every little thing he wanted. Sometimes I wish I were pretty. Maybe, just maybe he would have never left me.