Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last July 13, Wednesday, We all went back to the place where it all started, paying homage to the mother of all nightclubs in Manila.

Gio Emprese, Chill Torralba & Patricia Tumulak

Tara Tambunting, Stacy Rodriguez &  Gio Emprese
Gio Emprese & Fenelle Victoria

JM Sy, Gio Emprese & Lee Cruz

Nights come and go but the memories will last.

I'm Proud to be an Embassy baby. Never have I known a club that both attracted and repelled me, made me feel like I was the shit & humbled me at the same time. Embassy pretty summed up my adolescent years. Real friendships gained and lost in Embassy--too many memories! both crazy fun and those we can't quite remember!


Shout out to everyone who ever made "pa-guest list" from me for STOLI SUITE/FEVER/PLAYGROUND FRIDAYS  Love you all! 

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